Biomass Research

Wageningen, Netherlands

Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our mission is to provide good quality data to the public, scientists and policy makers. We produce a range of papers, books, posters, reports and peer-reviewed articles on agricultural systems, sustainable biomass production and conversion to bioenergy.

Our activities include:

  • - land use change assessments
  • - biomass and residue inventarisation
  • - carbon debt analysis
  • - market analysis and chain development
  • - sustainability evaluation and certification advice
  • - decentral bioenergy production development

Company Description

                                          "More Data, Better Analysis, Less Speculation"

Biomass Research is a dynamic research and consulting firm devoted to the development, analysis and evaluation of bioenergy and biobased production. We combine a strong background in scientific research, a pragmatic approach, an energetic attitude and a clear analytical view. 

We apply a quantitative data-based approach, using time-series analysis and balance approaches defining an in-depth analysis of crop production systems. In our analysis we provide an integrated analysis of data on soils, climate, farming systems, household economics and market development. Biomass Research collaborates with a range of stakeholders: industry, science, policy and NGO’s. 

Some of our clients:

  • - IEA Bioenergy
  • - Food industry
  • - European Commission
  • - Ministry of Economic affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (NL)
  • - Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)
  • - Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency (PBL)

- Wageningen University and Research Centre

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