About us

“When we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves.”- David Orr

Our Story

Human influence, fossil fuel, waste, and pollution has inflicted devastating harm to our planet, and while the outlook might seem bleak, humankind holds the power to mitigate and reduce the damage we have caused, and with enough effort, we can heal the injuries Earth has endured at by our hands.

Greenesa is more than merely a business or concept – it is also the name of our three-year-old daughter. “Green” to represent our collective mother, Mother Nature – and “Nesa” being her actual birth mother’s name. Why focus on mothers? Simple. Mothers nurture us. Mothers protect us. Mothers shelter us. Mothers care for us. Mothers deserve our respect, our commitment, and our love – and at Greenesa, we believe that we owe it to Mother Nature to pay her back for all she does for us by protecting her health, well-being, and sustainability for millennia to come.

Our Beliefs

We believe in creating a sustainable, eco-friendly, and environmentally sound future for this generation and generation to come. 
We believe in reducing our carbon footprint and embracing a culture of conservation and sustainability.
We believe we can change the world, one eco-friendly decision at a time.
We believe that implementing green energy is the core for sustainable living and a vibrant future.

What we do?

Greenesa is dedicated to identifying, exploring, and promoting opportunities, studies, and breakthroughs in bioenergy, solar energy, and wind energy. We promote reliable science and data, share relevant articles and musings, and elevate environmentally sound conversations across our digital platform that advances the multifaceted approaches towards global sustainability.

Why choose us?

The choices we make today will echo throughout time, and the health, wellness, and safety of our children and grandchildren depend solely on the actions taken in the present. Welcome to Greenesa, where we believe the best way to honor Mother Earth is to protect her from further harm. Join us, won’t you?


Greenesa is committed to extending the science, connecting the minds, and creating the pathways designed to further the healing of our beloved Mother Earth.


i) Focusing attention on bioenergy, solar energy, and wind energy and related activities, such as jobs and events; and ii) Establishing passionate collaboration, supporting sustainable services, and promoting eco-friendly products.


Our work will create the systemic changes needed to provide affordable and clean energy and to help heal, restore, and revitalize our planet in a sustainable and lasting way.

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