Agriculture biomass in India: Part 1. Estimation and characterization
  • Author:
    Dennis Cardoen, Piyush Joshi, Ludo Diels, Priyangshu M Sarma, Deepak Pant
  • Abstract:

    Biomass residues or wastes generated in the agricultural sector represent a source of potentially sustainable feedstock for bio-refineries. The strategy toward such a bio-based economy will only succeed if enough biomass and adequate qualities can be provided not only to produce bioenergy but also to fulfil the food security and health requirements of the growing population. 

    In India, the majority of the biomass generated come from agriculture sector. It is therefore important to have a reliable estimate of the biomass, biowaste and agro-residue generated to define policies for their valorization as well as identifying technologies which could be used for such purpose. Herein we present an assessment of the amounts and availability of biomass residues/wastes generated in the Indian agriculture sector for organized use as a biorefinery feedstock, for data collected up to the year 2010. 

    A compilation of some relevant physicochemical characteristics of the residues is also included.

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    Resources, Conservation and Recycling
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    Biomass and Biowaste   
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    Research Article
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