S.N Title Author Published Year Publication Type View
31 Power generation fro.... Read More Khatiwada D, Seabra J, Silveira S, et al 2012 Research Article
32 Optimizing ethanol a.... Read More Khatiwada D, Leduc S, Silveira S, et al 2016 Research Article
33 An overview of micro.... Read More Aryal N, Kvist T, Ammam F et al. 2018 Review Article
34 An overview of catho.... Read More Aryal N, Ammam F, Patil SA et al. 2017 Review Article
35 Performance of diffe.... Read More Aryal N, Tremblay PL , Lizak DM et al. 2017 Research Article
36 Effect of Hg, As and.... Read More Gupta DK, Huang HG, Nicoloso FT et al. 2013 Research Article
37 Enhanced microbial e.... Read More Aryal N, Halder A, Tremblay PL et al. 2016 Research Article
38 Bioelectrocatalyzed.... Read More Sharma M, Aryal N, Priyangshu M et al. 2013 Research Article
39 Methane loss from co.... Read More Kvist T and Aryal N 2019 Research Article
40 Alternative of bioga.... Read More Aryal, N. and Kvist, T 2018 Research Article

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