S.N Title Author Published Year Publication Type View
41 Freestanding and fle.... Read More Aryal, N et al. 2017 Research Article
42 Multifactorial evalu.... Read More Lepage, G. et al. 2014 Research Article
43 Highly Conductive Po.... Read More Aryal, N. et al 2018 Research Article
44 Increased carbon dio.... Read More Aryal, N et al 2019 Research Article
45 Conductive material.... Read More Gahlot, P et al 2020 Review Article
46 Coupling of microbia.... Read More Aryal N, Ghimire N and Bajracharya, S 2020 Book / Chapter
47 Process Related Meth.... Read More Kvist T and Aryal, N 2018 Research Article
48 Syngas production us.... Read More Rasmussen NBK and Aryal, N 2020 Research Article
49 Review of Biogas Upg.... Read More Hjuler, K and Aryal, N 2017 Report / Case Study
50 Bioelectrochemical S.... Read More Bajracharya, S. et al. 2019 Book / Chapter

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