Prime Techniques for Pre- and Post-Treatments of Anaerobic Effluents and Solids
  • Author:
    Suman Bajracharya, Nabin Aryal, Jayesh M. Sonawane, Suman Kharel et al.
  • Abstract:

    Several pre-treatment approaches have been explored to enhance the anaerobic fermentation kinetics and efficiency, which include thermal-alkaline treatment, free ammonia, sequential ultrasound techniques as well as grinding, and sieving. 

    Additionally, valorization of mineralized compounds and production of reusable water can also be achieved via post-treatments. The post-treatment concept allows preserving or recovery of value-added byproducts in the form of manures, soil conditioners, and renewable energy. 

    In this chapter, we explain the recent advancement in the pre-treatment and post-treatment of anaerobic digestate to enhance the anaerobic process and for the removal of undesirable compounds, recovery of energy, nutrients, and waste stabilization before disposal.

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    Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology Volume 1: Biovalorization of Solid Waste
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    Book/ Chapter
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